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因为有些事情弄到我觉得真的很pek cek








Happy Holiday !! :)

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Finally, it is my turn to say~


getting through the exam period wasn’t easy at all, really..

Thanks for those who always with me when i need someone to talk! ♥

(p.s. u know who you are ♥)


1st day of holiday – 16.06.2011

went to sakae sushi for lunch at subang parade with kityeng!

Bon voyage to you ya :D wish you have a great time at australia :)

most important is don’t forget my souvenir!! XD (just kidding =P)

going to sushi zanmai with kai li for lunch n done some shopping!!

well, i should say – when you’ve no money in your pocket, shopping is boring!! =X



it’s a Sunday so i went to grandma house as per usual n have some really great time with my little cousins!! :)

somehow those little monster is very cute, i mean, the way they behave n talk..

trust me, they’re little angels that a simple action will just make your day! :D




1st outing with bp friend – wan ting!! :)

have a really great time with her at moximoxi~!

law of attraction, is what you’ve told me, i’ll give it a try and tell you whether it works xD

hope that next wednesday 4 of us can hang out together again :)






──《想念》by 张小娴

我知道,再也回不去了。[ Part I ]

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ah min,我想念,当我三更半夜emo的时候,你会在电话的另一端,给我打气加油,用你最开朗的声音。

Kai Xin,我想念,我们每天都互传简讯的日子。想念你那欠扁的声音。明知道拗不过我,却死命不肯认输。









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要考试的朋友们,我们一起努力,然后一起毕业!! :)

已经放假的朋友们,要等我放假然后我们一起出去玩丫~ :D

p.s. 我最亲爱的,你过得怎么样?

Congratulations!! :)

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Yea, as the title suggests,

one of my college friend had successfully completed all her ACCA paper

n graduated in last Dec’10 exam!!

so “geng” right? XD

i’m sure those who are taking ACCA or who knows about ACCA will agree with me ^^v

here is the lovely girl – Kai Li * we are so proud of you*




Graduation, a ceremony that gives you some sort of honor for the hard work that u’ve made!

it wasn’t easy at all to get through it. trust me, any course is the same.

(p.s. HATE those people saying accounting is easy! /.\)

nothing was easy n it is up to you to decide on where you want to be.

be passionate, be confident, be positive, be yourself! :)

i pray hard and hope i’ll be the one wearing the graduation gown on this coming October 2011 ♥

080411 Shopping Day =D

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Early in the morning went to The Gardens Mall with KitYeng

for what? went so far all the way from Sunway to Mid Valley city?

well, what do you think? XD

It’s actually that there is a member discount up to 70% at Isetan!! =D

*typical accountant* indeed ><”

i bought this set of formal suit for myself!! :)

*SATISFIED* hehehe =P

KitYeng also bought 2 formal top for herself~ XD

but too bad i don’t have any picture to prove~ ><”

ehhhh, why is it so crowded over here?

to the extend that we gotta to line up to wait for the long quee?

here is it! The promotion done by the fish market in which fish n chips are only sold at RM6.99!! ^_^

TWO shoppers of the day!! =D

our fish n chips @ The Manhattan Fish Market!

it was nice but maybe the portion is quite big to the extend that I feel geli about it! ><”

San Francisco Mocha!! :) BUY ONE FREE ONE is a great deal right? XD

Feel so good after shopping :)

although my purse is bleeding right now! :”(

HAHAHA, but who cares? HAPPY is good enough n i’m not buying something which was unnecessary, right? X)

currently doing survey for cosmetic! =D

any suggestions anyone? hehehe! =P

next blog post is coming soon cox i’m waiting for someone to upload the photo for me! :)

260311 – Happy Saturday!! :)

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It was so random that KitYeng, Shane n i decided to go for McD breakfast this morning n we actually went for that because of the special promotion by McDonald which gives us free 2 BigBreakfast with minimum purchase of rm5 during the breakfast time! :)

McDonald @ Sunway Pyramid becomes our destination for it! :)

our breakfast~!!! Look nice right? well, it is way below rm10 n u can get all these enough for 3 persons!! xD

3 of us – it was nice to have breakfast with u girls~ ^^ THANKS for the great morning! :)


after studying “pioneer status” (one of my p6 topic), i went out again with MinChie & Sherly!! =D

*don’t scold me for not preparing for special pt, but life can’t be all about study n we do need to relax right? xD

RT Pastry House @ SS15 as recommended by Sherly was quite nice n the shop was such a crowd when we went in! ><”

i love the strawberry cakes there in which so MANY of the strawberries was put on the cake, look so delicious!! n the price is much more cheaper as compared to those in pyramid~~

ohya the greentea cake also very nice as compared to the chocolate cake! ♥

do you feel like to have so dessert made of ice during a hot day?

Here is it the SnowFlakes’s desserts!! VERY NICE ♥

n the 2 WEIRD person namely Sherly & Min Chie don’t know showing what kind of expression when we’re at SnowFlakes XD

after such a FULL tea time session we actually went to Sunway Pyramid to go for a walk before we can eat some more stuffs~ =P

n i’ve tried out a lot of dresses at one time! check it out~ :)

which one better? so hard to make decision u know when u’ve actually just bought one piece this month but then still i buy one of them!! xD

wanna make a guess on which dress would i buy before u continue to read my blog?

n please comment to you on which suit me best as well~

*your helpfulness is high appreciated* xD

this is the one that i’ve actually bought! =D

is it ok for me to wear this suit? well, tell me if it’s not ok & i’ll go and question my friends’ opinions in which they found that this is the best among all those i tried! ><”

spend money again but i felt happy & contented! ♥ XD

Happy Weekends everyone n for those going for special pt, gambatae ya! :)